Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Us?

We are Ex students with over 20 years experience who are very student friendly ! Unlike others, we do not tie you down to 12month contracts. We do not charge students any admin fees and all the deposits are protected within a deposit protection scheme. We are members of the National Landlords Association (NLA) - this tells you that we take letting seriously and always offer friendly and helpful service.

Do I have To Pay Agency Fees ?

No. That’s what makes us so special. 1> we are a private family run business 2> we don’t charge any fees to students 3> putting more money back into your pocket.

How Do I Book A Viewing ?

You can do this online by using our contacts page or by email or by telephone 07713744376 ( or Whatsapp - if that is your thing ! )

Is my despoit secured and safe ?

Yes - your deposit will be registered with the DPS ( deposit protections scheme ) which is a government-backed scheme within 30 days of payment. It will ensure you will get the deposit back provided you: 1> meet the terms of your tenancy agreement 2> don’t damage the property 3> pay the rent and bills

How Much is the deposit ?

The deposit is £150 and is returnable at the contract check-out.